District AIDS Prevention and Control Unit (DAPCU)

The major responsibility of DAPCU is facilitation, monitoring and coordinating NACP activities at the district and sub- district level by integrating with the health system to the extent possible for better synergy and optimal results. DAPCUs, through active engagement of the district administration engages allied line departments and private sector in mainstreaming the programme and initiates district-specific initiatives by leveraging local resources. This helps in linking vulnerable population with various social entitlement and welfare schemes



DISTRICT HIV/AIDS PREVENTION CONTROL COMMITTEE (DAPCC)was constituted in all 10 Districts as Deputy Commissioner/Chief Medical Officer as chairman and Deputy Chief Medical Officer (DACO) as Member Secretary. The DAPCUs conduct the DAPCC meetings quarterly in their respective district. DAPCC was constituted for effective implementation, and mainstreaming of the NACP activities in the district level. The Committee oversees the planning and monitoring the HIV & AIDs programme activities. The DAPCC Committee is being set up with the following members:-


1.  Deputy Commissioner  Chairman
2.  District Chief medical & Health Officer(CMHO)  Member
3.  Medical Superintendent,   District Hospital  Member
4.  District HIV/AIDS Control Officer(DACO)  Member Secretary
5.  District Programme Manager (HIV / AIDS)  Member
6.  District Programme Manager (NRHM)  Member
7.  District level officers for TB   and RCH  Member
8.  District   IEC officer  Member
9.  M&E officer  Member
10.  Medical Officers in rotations – In-charge of one ICTC centre in the  district, ART and CCC (3 in all)  Member
11.  One representative each of TIs, CCCs and PLHA networks (3)  Member
12.  Representatives of related Departments identified by DAPCU for  convergence, viz. Women & Child, Panchayati Raj, Labour, Mines,  Tribal, Industry, Tourism, Urban Local Bodies etc.(5)  Member


DAPCU work in close co-ordination and collaboration with district administrator and allied departments ensuring effective referrals and linkages among various HIV facilities and also facilitate access to social welfare schemes. DAPCU National Resource Team (DNRT) for strengthening the DAPCU for effective and quality implementation of NACP-IV in the district.


Innovations by DAPCU FY 2017-18

  1. Empower (Peren):
  • Education: Financial assistance for sponsoring 6 children living with HIV/AIDS for their education 2017-18. It is a district specific initiative which aims to Provide quality education to the children infected and affected by HIV in the Peren district.
  • Travel cost: Financial assistance to 6 PLHIV (newly Positive detected clients) who were not able to pay for their travel cost for linking to ART for further treatment.

      2. DAPCU initiative for CSR:(Cooperate Social Response)

  • United Bank, Kohima: Donated one Refrigerator (210 litres) to DAPCU Kohima for storing test kits on 5th June 2017
  • NEEPCO Wokha
  • Donated one Refrigerator for blood storage 50 unit capacity on 6th Sept’17 to DAPCU Wokha
  • Donated an ambulance on 27th March 2018 to DAPCU Wokha which was launched in the presence of DC and CMO, Wokha

     3. DAPCU Advocacy and Sensitization:-

DAPCU conducted awareness on HIV/AIDs to 421 Uniformed Personnel and 105 Church leaders from April 2017- March 2018