District AIDS Prevention and Control Unit (DAPCU) is placed in all 10 “A” Category Districts of Nagaland. There are 10 DAPCUs namely Kohima, Dimapur, Peren, Wokha, Mokochung, Zunheboto, Phek, Kiphire, Tuensang, and Mon. The major functions of DAPCUs are for facilitation, Coordination, Monitoring and mainstreaming of HIV programme activities at the district and sub-district level.


DAPCU Staffing Structure (DAPCU Consists of 5 (Five) staff at each district)


DISTRICT HIV/AIDS PREVENTION CONTROL COMMITTEE (DAPCC)was constituted in all 10 Districts as Deputy Commissioner/Chief Medical Officer as chairman and Deputy Chief Medical Officer (DACO) as Member Secretary. The DAPCUs conduct the DAPCC meetings quarterly in their respective district. DAPCC was constituted for effective implementation, and mainstreaming of the NACP activities in the district level. The Committee oversees the planning and monitoring the HIV & AIDs programme activities. The DAPCC Committee is being set up with the following members:-


1.  Deputy Commissioner  Chairman
2.  District Chief medical & Health Officer(CMHO)  Member
3.  Medical Superintendent,   District Hospital  Member
4.  District HIV/AIDS Control Officer(DACO)  Member Secretary
5.  District Programme Manager (HIV / AIDS)  Member
6.  District Programme Manager (NRHM)  Member
7.  District level officers for TB   and RCH  Member
8.  District   IEC officer  Member
9.  M&E officer  Member
10.  Medical Officers in rotations – In-charge of one ICTC centre in the  district, ART and CCC (3 in all)  Member
11.  One representative each of TIs, CCCs and PLHA networks (3)  Member
12.  Representatives of related Departments identified by DAPCU for  convergence, viz. Women & Child, Panchayati Raj, Labour, Mines,  Tribal, Industry, Tourism, Urban Local Bodies etc.(5)  Member


DAPCU work in close co-ordination and collaboration with district administrator and allied departments ensuring effective referrals and linkages among various HIV facilities and also facilitate access to social welfare schemes. DAPCU National Resource Team (DNRT) for strengthening the DAPCU for effective and quality implementation of NACP-IV in the district.


District AIDS Prevention and Control Unit (DAPCU) – 2016 – 17


Advocacy and Sensitization
1. Dimapur

  • DAPCU Dimapur in collaboration with CMO and National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP) Office, Dimapur distributed the Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN) to People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) of Dimapur on 9th of May, 2016. This was done as per the DAPCU Led Single Window Model where DAPCU act as a single window in availing information on various social entitlements and social protection schemes for PLHIV.
  • On 26th of May 2016, DAPCU along with MSW students organised HIV awareness programme at Serenity hostel, DC Court, Dimapur.
  • Advocacy cum sensitization programme on HIV & AIDS was held on 9th August 2016 and 2nd December 2016 with police personnel at Supply colony, and on 18th June 2016- with the inmates of Asha Bhavan Rehabilitation Centre at Vidima Village, Dimapur.


  1. Mokokchung
  • DAPCU along with the blood bank organized 2 blood donation camps with Assam Rifle and NCC cadets.
  • A one day Sports Meet was conducted by TI- DAPCU on 12th December 2016, at Queen Mary School, Mokokchung.
  1. 3. Kiphire
  • On 9th 2016, DAPCU participated in the Kholar Festival; organised by District Administration Pungro Sub-Division at local ground Pungro to sensitize the basics of HIV & AIDS to the gatherings.
  • DAPCU in Co-ordination with DAN had conducted 3 (three) sensitization programme at Pongren village, Tsongpong village and Natsami village in co-ordination with DAN on HIV & AIDS and rural health on 10th, 12th and 14th December 2016.


  1. Phek
  • DAPCU participated in the advocacy program on HIV & AIDS for church leaders conducted on different occasions with Chakhesang Baptist Church Council and CBCC Mission Centre, Pfutsero, sponsored by LFA.
  • DAPCU visited Sub Jail Phek with NHM School Health Program (SHP) team creating awareness on HIV & AIDS and health care.
  • IEC Stall was set up during Independence Day and Republic Day.



  1. Kohima
  • Coordinated/conducted HIV sensitization programmes with various colleges such as; Model Christian College on 6th August 2016, Oriental College on 9th August 2016, Sazolie College on 26th August 2016, Nagaland College of Teacher’s Education hall on 14th Oct 2016 and Modern Institute of Teacher Education at A.G Colony on 11th Nov 2016.
  • DAPCU and MICTC conducted HIV awareness and testing in coordination with NMMU (Nagaland Mobile Medical Unit) at Kijumetouma Village on 29th Sept. 2016, and at Local Ground during NSF Martyr’s Trophy on 21st 2016, in co-ordination with Family Planning Association of India (FPAI).
  1. Peren
  • DAPCU initiated “ZERO LFU CAMPAIGN” with the aim to reduce the LFU to ZERO at all level.
  • To equip and update the Counselors, DAPCU team organised an awareness program on NTCP (National Tobacco Control Program) on  3rd 2017.
  • DAPCU conducted Fete day and Calendar project, fund raise activities  in-order to support  school education for the PLHIV  in 2016
  • Sensitization program on HIV & AIDS and STI was conducted at Peren Government College, Peren Nagaland on the 19th July’2016, and with the Govt. Higher Secondary School students on 24th March 2017.
  1. Mon
  • Church Advocacy on HIV and AIDS was held at Mon Town Baptist Pastors’ Fellowship (MTABC), Mon on 19th July 2016, organised by DACU and MTABC and sponsored by LFA. The Guest Speaker was Honje K, Deputy Commissioner, Mon.