HIV Scenario



  1. Adult Prevalence Rate- 0.78% (15 to 49 years): India HIV estimations 2015.

            Estimation is done through Data Triangulation from SRS, NFHS, Age, Sex, TRF, Sex ratio, inputs from programmatic and epidemiological parameters, HSS, ANC, HRG data, etc. (HIV estimates are carried out and finalized by the National Working Group (NWG) on surveillance and estimation under the guidance of the National Institute of Medical Statistics Indian Council of Medical Research). 

  1. Nagaland General Population Prevalence rate: 1.29%

HIV Sentinel Surveillance (HSS) 2015: HSS is a system of monitoring HIC epidemic among specific population groups by collecting information on HIV from designated sites (sentinel sites) over years, through a uniform and consistent methodology that allows comparison of findings across place and time to guide program responses.

Pregnant Women is the specific population group used as proxy indicator for the general population surveillance.

Why Surveillance among ANC clinic attendees?

  • Pregnant women represent the sexually active segment of general population, and hence taken as proxy for monitoring HIV among general population.
  • Linked Anonymous Testing strategy is possible only at those clinics where testing and blood specimen collection is done routinely. At ANC clinic, routine blood specimen collection is done for Syphilis and Hemoglobin testing a part of which can be used for HIV testing.
  • Pregnant women represent a more homogeneous group than persons attending any other clinic/OPD.
  • Pregnancy, being physiological, does not introduce any bias in HIV prevalence which other illness/disease may introduce due to underlying factors common to HIV.
  • Facilities for antenatal care are available across the country at different levels of health care system and hence are feasible for implementation.


District wise General Population HIV Prevalence rate

  1. Program Data- 1.83% 2016-17 (ICTC monthly Report): This program data is generated from the 71 reporting facilities (ICTC) through Strategic Information Management System (SIMS)
District wise HIV Testing and Positivity  Status (Programme Data from SIMS- ICTC Monthly report)
District April 2016 – March 2017
Tested Positive +ve %
Dimapur 20491 836 4.08
Kiphire 2613 57 2.18
Kohima 13530 295 2.18
Longleng 2535 17 0.67
Mokokchung 13687 127 0.93
Mon 6860 2 0.03
Peren 4977 40 0.80
Phek 4187 34 0.81
Tuensang 8974 181 2.02
Wokha 7950 58 0.73
Zunheboto 5107 25 0.49
Nagaland 90911 1672 1.84
Particulars Cumulative since 1999
General Clients ANC Total
Blood screened 742390 198559 940949
HIV positive 19228 2134 21362


HIV Sentinel Surveillance 2017


16th February to 15th May 2017

No. of HIV Sentinel Surveillance sites 13
No. of Sub-sites 25
High Risk Group (24th April to 23rd July 2017)
No. of HIV Sentinel Surveillance (HRG) sites (Including sub-sites)
IDU (All the Districts except Longleng) 20
FSW (Dimapur) 2
MSM (Dimapur ) 1
Truckers (Dimapur) 1