Integrated Counseling and Testing Centre (ICTC)




HIV Counseling & Testing Services (HCTS)-

To move forward to explore new mechanism and effective strategies to involve government and private sector 

Types of HCTS

  • F-ICTC: Screening Facility-

    F-ICTC, PPP-ICTC, TI-ICTC, OPD, IPD, Emergency wards, DMCs, STI/RTI Clinics, Paediatric OPD, ANC Clinics etc

  • Stand Alone-ICTC: Confirmatory-SA-ICTC, three test PPP-ICTC

Present status of HCTS facilities in Nagaland comprise of 60 SA-ICTCs , 1 PPP Model SA-ICTC at CIHSR, Dimapur  and10 Mobile ICTCs  placed in 10 districts .There are also 70 Facility Integrated ICTC.


NACO has introduced two approaches under the National HIV Counselling & Testing Services Guidelines, 2016. (a) Facility-based services and (b) Community-based services.

(a)Facility-based HCTS (screening or confirmation) are offered to individuals accessing health-care facilities functioning as per the OPD timings of the institution where the HCTS facility is located.

(b)Community-based screening (CBS) is an important approach for improving early diagnosis, reaching first-time testers and people who seldom use clinical services, including men and adolescents in high-prevalence settings and HRG populations. To improve HCTS access and coverage, community-based HIV screening is carried out through various approaches such as:

i) Mobile HCTS

(ii)  Screening by ancillary health-care providers (ANC)

(iii)  Screening for HIV by targeted intervention (TI-ICTC)

(iv)  HCTS for prison inmates

(v)  HCTS at the workplace

Priority populations for HCTS
  • Infants and children
  • Adolescents (age group 10–19 years)
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Occupational exposure
  • Emergency settings (casualty)
  • Patients with Kala-azar (Visceral Leishmaniasis)
  • Tuberculosis patients including presumptive TB cases
  • STI / RTI attendees and patients
  • Sexual partners / spouses of PLHIV (couples)
  • High-risk groups (HRGs)
  • Prison inmates
  • Persons who have undergone sexual assault

Implementation Status:

  • Thonoknyu and Noklak TI NGOs have started HIV screening since November, 2017.
  • Testing Through TI (TTTI) CBHT initiation in 5 districts aimed in FY 2018-19
  • CBHT at Central Jail Dimapur have already been initiated and will be made functional in 2018-19.


Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission (EMTCT)-2020


In collaboration with NSACS and Nagaland RCH Program,screening of HIV&STI to meet the goal of EMTCT

To reach the universal screening of pregnant women and for achieving the target for dual Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission (EMTCT) of HIV & Syphilis, Project AHANA with NCPI+  as sub recipient be implement its activities in all the 11 districts of Nagaland.

The Overall goal of the project is to increase the uptake of PPTCT services in the Public & Private sector. The specific goal is to promote periphery level HIV screening among pregnant women as part of ANC for early identification of positive pregnant women and linking them with PPTCT services.


NACO 10 key performance indicators to assess the PPTCT program are:

  1. ANC Registration
  2. HIV testing Coverage 
  3. Preg. women registered on ART
  4. Initiation of ARV prophylaxis for baby 
  5. Infant/Children Tested under EID (Early Infant Diagnosis) during first visit  
  6. Infant/Children Tested by PCR within 6 month of birth
  7. Spouse/Partner of HIV positive preg. women Tested for HIV 
  8. No. of Children tested at 18 month antibody test
  9. SIMS Reporting % of SA-ICTC
  10. SIMS Reporting % of F-ICTC

Activities conducted in FY  2017-18




1 Annual Review Meeting(DIS/Counselors)2016-17 18-20th April,2017
2 1st Quarter State HIV/TB Working group (SWG) 21st June,2017
4 1st Quarter Review Meeting Minute of ICTC Supervisors 27th July,2017
5 2nd Quarter  State HIV/TB Working group (SWG) 6th September,2017
6 PALS training for DIS & ICTC counselors 16th September,2017
7 Training of MO under NHM on HIV-FICTC 20th Sept,2017
8 Training of Nurses under NHM on HIV Screening/WBFPT 27th September,2017
9 Joint Supervisory Visit to Peren District (NSACS/RNTCP) 11th October,2017
10 DAPCU/DIS Review meeting 11th October,2017
11 Half yearly Counselors Review Meeting 24th -26th October,2017
13 PALS Training 23rd -25th October,2017
14 Training on EQAS & EID for ICTC LTs 26-27th Sept’17
15 1st SCC meeting 15 Dec’17
16 2nd SCC meeting 15th Feb’18
17 3rd & 4th  Quarter  State HIV/TB Working group (SWG) 28th March’18

HIV-TB Collaborative activities conducted:

  1. 1st State Coordination Committee Meeting (SCC) held on 15 Dec’17
  2. 2nd  State Coordination Committee Meeting (SCC) held on 15th Feb’18
  3. State Technical Working Group (STWG)- Quarterly(21st June’17,6th Sept, 2017,28th March,2018)