Sexually Transmitted Infection/Reproductive Tract Infection

Community based survey has shown that 6% of adult Indian population suffers from sexually transmitted infection and reproductive tract Infections. The prevention, control, and management of STI/RTI is a well recognized cost effective strategy for controlling the spread of HIV & AIDS and reduce reproductive morbidity among sexually active population.

Syndromic Case Management (SCM) is the cornerstone of STI/RTI management – a comprehensive approach for STI/RTI control endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO). This approach classifies STI/RTI into syndromes and immediate treatment provided on the first visit hence syndromic case management achieves high cure rates. However it goes hand in hand with other components like counseling, partner management, condom promotion, screening for syphilis and referral for HIV testing. SCM is the standardized treatment through the use of pre-packaged color coded STI/RTI drug Kit, which is available at all public health facilities.

Services available in the State under NSACS




 Designated STI/RTI Clinic  (DSRC)


 All District Hospital including Police Referral Hospital,  Chumukidema
 NGO (TI) STI Static Clinic


 All NGO Targeted Intervention Projects across the State
 State Reference Center (SRC)


 Naga Hospital Authority, Kohima