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If Only The Film relates the story of a mother who feels remorse for the death of her baby; she regrets if only she had known her HIV status, she could have access the...

Adolescent Education Programme (AEP)

Adolescence Education Programme (AEP)   The Adolescence Education Programme (AEP) is a joint initiative by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and National AIDS Control Organization (NACO), Government of India, to equip every adolescent...

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AUDIO PROGRAMS AND SPOTS ON ALL INDIA RADIO KOHIMA     – KEEP TUNING- New Date and time will be notified soon

Red Ribbon Clubs

  Red Ribbon Clubs (RRC) The purpose of Red Ribbon Club formation in colleges is to encourage peer-to-peer messaging on HIV prevention and to provide a safe space for young people to seek clarifications...


MAINSTREAMING: Mainstreaming & Partnerships   HIV/AIDS is not a mere health issue as its occurrence is influenced by a number of socio-economic elements. Health interventions alone, therefore, cannot lead to prevention. HIV prevention requires...