Early Infant Diagnosis


Early Infant Diagnosis (EID)

A child may acquire HIV from the HIV infected mother-in-utero(during pregnancy), peripartum (during delivery), postpartum (through breastfeeding) or via parenteral exposure through infected needles and syringes. Early diagnosis is done to determine the HIV status among children below 18 months of age. In children who acquire HIV in-utero and peripartum, disease progression occurs rapidly in the first few months of life, often leading to death. Studies suggest that in the absence of diagnostics, care and treatment, about 35% of HIV-infected children die in the first year of life, 50% by their second birthday, and 60% by their third birthday.


HIV Exposed Infant (HEI) services includes-

  • Exclusive breastfeeds up to 6 months and continued breastfeeds in addition to complementary feeds after 6 months up to 1 year for EID negative babies and up to 2 years for EID positive babies who receive Paediatric ART.
  • Postpartum ARV prophylaxis for infant for minimum 6 weeks.
  • Early infant diagnosis (EID) at 6 weeks of age; repeat testing at 6 months, 12 months & 6 weeks after cessation of breastfeeds.
  • Co-trimoxazole prophylaxis from 6 weeks of age
  • HIV care and pediatric ART for infants and children diagnosed as HIV positive through EID
  • Confirmation of HIV status of all babies at 18 months using all 3 Antibody (Rapid) Tests


Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) programme is implemented in 8 districts. Nagaland at present has 11 EID centres .

  State District ICTC NAME ART link
1 Nagaland Dimapur CIVIL HOSPITAL DIMAPUR District Hospital, Dimapur
2 Kohima NAGA HOSPITAL AUTHORITY KOHIMA Naga Hospital Authority, Kohima
3 Kohima PHC JAKHAMA Naga Hospital Authority, Kohima
4 Mokokchung CIVIL HOSPITAL MOKOKCHUNG ART Centern, Imkongliba Memorial Hospital, Mokokchung
5 Phek PHC CHIZAMI Naga Hospital Authority, Kohima
6 Tuensang CIVIL HOSPITAL TUENSANG ART Center Civil Hospital Tuensang
7 Tuensang MOBILE ICTC ECS TUENSANG ART Center Civil Hospital Tuensang
8 Tuensang CHC NOKLAK ART Center Civil Hospital Tuensang
9 Kiphire DISTRICT HOSPITAL KIPHIRE ART Center Civil Hospital Tuensang
10 Longlen DISTRICT HOSPITAL LONGLENG ART Center Civil Hospital Tuensang
11 WOKHA DISTRICT HOSPITAL WOKHA ART Center Imkkongliba memorial Hospital, Mkokchung

Early Infant Diagnosis under NACP-IV

Sl. no Indicator 2017-18 2018-19
1 Number of live births to HIV positive mother 187 211
2 No. of babies tested Under EID  for first time (DNAPCR + Antibody)  116 117
4 No. of babies tested between 6 weeks-6month using DNAPCR 81 99
5 No. Found DBS +ve at 1st PCR test 1 4
6 No. Confirmed +ve by  2nd PCR test  0 3
7 No. initiated on ART 0 1