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If Only

The Film relates the story of a mother who feels remorse for the death of her baby; she regrets if only she had known her HIV status, she could have access the treatment to save her baby. Her hope is renewed after visiting the service centre and getting to know about PPTCT. The protagonist sings the title song ‘Of Only’ in the docu-dramatized sequence, to reveal her emotions. The film is interspersed with drama, song, interviews and narration. The protagonist of the film is Ms Tashinaro, a popular Naga singer.


Pink and Blue

The film is about children who are living with HIV. The film captures everyday activities of the children and tell us about thier hopes and dreams. It also highlights the effort being made by the NGOs and Govt. to support the cause.


Eye of the Storm

A film based and enact on true life story of a Naga woman. In a heart rendering docu-dramatised sequence, it talks about her grief, the discrimination and triumphs, as she struggles to come to terms and live with the virus. With interviews of HIV and AIDS workers, officials, and public personalities interspersed in between the shots. The documentary basically focuses and compounds on the understanding of HIV and AIDS.


Breathe in…Life

Breathe in…life a documentary film explores and promotes the blood donation scenario in Nagaland. The film listens and records the stories as told by donors, doctors, officials and technicians working in the field of blood donation etc. Conversation about the feelings and sources connected to the issues surrounding this topic are intermingled as the film explores the important role that blood donation plays in our lives and society and how we are all inter connected. This film also tries to give an informative description of facts and figures, promote voluntary blood donation and its health benefits and more importantly allay the myths surrounding blood donation. The key message is about Life and its Gift: the ability of our blood.


Beyond addiction

A film based on true life story of a recovering drug addict and NGO worker. The protagonist of the film talks about his past life experiences as a drug- addict; the challenges and triumph. The film is interspersed with re-enactment, interviews and narration. The film illustrates the phenomenon and consequences of drug addiction and Targeted Intervention (TI) NGO program to help and support the drug addicts.


No more Denials

The film shares the success story of OST project in Nagaland; to contain the spread of HIV among the Injecting Drug Users. The film is intermingled with life testimonies of recovering drug addicts, interview of service providers, and narration- supported by relevant visuals.


Agents of Change

The docu-film gives a glimpse of five RRCs in Nagaland, where the Red Ribbon Club members share their experiences of being ‘Agents of Change’. The activities and programs carried out by the RRC members in the colleges are depicted through short enactment by RRC members, interactions/interviews with RRC Nodal Officers and RRC members. This film enables you to discover the cause associated with, and the fun and pride of being a ‘Red Ribbon Club Member’.

Public Service Announcements

1. Armour Yourselfs ! use condom
2. Curiosity is answered by communication.
3. Stay aware..stay safe
4. Living positively with HIV & AIDS
5. Fidelity
6. Step out
7. Chinese whisper
8. Be safe act now
9. Anti retroviral treatment (ART)
10. Know about HIV & AIDS
11. Stop discrimination
12. Save your baby get an HIV test
13. Protect yourself use condom

Story of a village

A 2D animated film on myths and misconception about HIV and AIDS and overcoming stigma and discrimination.


The Magic Bus

A 2D animation exploring the human body through a magic bus tour. Using simple narrative and style, it covers the basics of HIV and AIDS


Getting to Zero 1

Getting to Zero 1 TV Spot

HIV Testing

HIV Testing TV Spot

Getting to Zero 2

Getting to Zero 2 TV Spot

Red Ribbon Club

Red Ribbon Club TV Spot