GOAL : Accelerate Reversal and Integrate Response


  1. Reduce new infections by 50% (2007 Baseline of NACP III)
  2. Provide comprehensive care and support to all persons living with HIV & AIDS and treatment services for all those who require it.

Key Strategies:

Strategy 1: Intensifying and consolidating prevention services, with a focus on HRGs and vulnerable population.

Strategy 2: Increasing access and promoting comprehensive care, support and treatment

Strategy 3: Expanding IEC services for (a) general population and (b) high risk groups with a focus on behaviour change and demand generation

Strategy 4: Building capacities at national, state, district and facility levels

Strategy 5: Strengthening Strategic Information Management Systems.

The Guiding principles for NACP- IV will continue to be:

1. Continued emphasis on three ones – one Agreed Action Framework, one National HIV & AIDS Coordinating Authority and one Agreed National M&E System.

2. Equity

3. Gender

4. Respect for the rights of the PLHIV

5. Civil society representation and participation

6. Improved public private partnerships.

7. Evidence based and result oriented programme implementation.

Cross-cutting Areas of Focus

1. Quality

2. Innovation

3. Integration

4. Leveraging Partnerships

5. Stigma and Discrimination.

Key priorities under NACP- IV are:

1. Preventing new infections by sustaining the reach of current interventions and effectively addressing emerging epidemics

2. Prevention of Parent to Child transmission

3. Focusing on IEC strategies for behaviour change in HRG, awareness among general population and demand generation for HIV services

4. Providing comprehensive care, support and treatment to eligible PLHIV

5. Reducing stigma and discrimination through Greater involvement of PLHA (GIPA)

6. De-centralizing rollout of services including technical support

7. Ensuring effective use of strategic information at all levels of programme

8. Building capacities of NGO and civil society partners especially in states with emerging epidemics

9. Integrating HIV services with health systems in a phased manner

10. Mainstreaming of HIV & AIDS activities with all key central/state level Ministries/ departments will be given a high priority and resources of the respective departments will be leveraged. Social protection and insurance mechanisms for PLHIV will be strengthened.

(Source- NACP-IV (2012-17) Strategy Document, NACO)